"You can care and be commercial" - Jamie Oliver

If you're passionate about good food, healthy living, and making a difference, a HealthFare franchise could be for you. 

We believe our success is not solely defined by profit, but by the impact we can make in our communities, cities, provinces, country, and the world. 

At HealthFare, we care. We care about our customers, our franchises, and our mission. And we want to build a better, healthier, more interactive relationship between people and their food.

To do that we need a strong team, with a solid relationship between the corporation and franchisees. The current industry norm is a strained relationship between the two entities, where there is an "us vs. them" feel. Based on open communication and a passion for our mission, HealthFare franchisees can expect to be treated as part of the family. With a strong support network not only between the franchise and corporate, but between the different franchises themselves, HealthFare takes a unique stand on the franchisee and franchisor relationship.

Just as we believe that real, healthy food is an essential part of everyday life, real healthy relationships are essential to our success. Even with operational efficiency, growth will be affected by the health of the relationships within the organization. Businesses with the most impact have a strong and healthy culture within the organization. We want to create that culture within HealthFare, and have a truly successful partnership motivated by the desire to truly make a difference.

We're looking for commitment. We set the bar high, and we aren't afraid to admit it. We aren't talking about profit expectation, but in your level of commitment and passion for creating and seeing real change.

Sound like something you can get behind? Here's how to get started, and see if becoming a HealthFare franchise owner will work for you:



1. Let us know you’re interested:

Fill out a Franchising Application.

2. We’ll let you know if it goes both ways: 

Corporate HealthFare will follow up with you to go over your application, and tell you a bit more about us.

3. Digging deeper:            

Let’s get down and dirty. We’ll send you our FDD (Franchising Disclosure Document) and discuss the goals and future of our relationship.

4. You’ve seen the worst we have to offer, how about the best?:

When we’re all good and ready, a meeting will be arranged between HealthFare owner Tim and yourself. We’ll discuss the final terms of the franchising contract and seal the deal (signing the contracts).

5. Welcome to the team!

6. Settling down:

We’ll work together to find the best place to set up shop, as well as build.

7. Getting comfy:

In-store review and training is provided.

8. Let’s make it public:

We’ll support you with a Grand Opening strategy, as well as provide you with marketing tools to make our relationship work, inside and out.

9. Relationships work best with lots of communication:

Communication from both sides. We’ll provide ongoing support to ensure the success of the business and continue to develop a positive relationship between the franchise and corporate. After all, we’re in this together. And we’re not big on divorce.



Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we'll be in contact ASAP to discuss franchisee options.

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