Who We Are

We believe that overall well-being is directly related to real food, and that we can use business to make real food accessible to anyone, regardless of circumstance. Our success is not only measured by profits, but by the impact we can make in our world. Impact through food. Impact through relationships. Impact through business.

From infancy to adulthood, food is an essential part of everyday life. Good food can be a determining factor in proper growth and development, as well as living a full, healthy life. Yet so often eating is treated as a chore. We tend to opt out for the quick and easy way, when quick and easy tends to cost more in the long run. 

At HealthFare we want to make healthy, good, real food the norm – not the exception – for as many people as possible.

HealthFare makes healthy food easy. Nothing on our menu is bad for you. Our foods are all fresh, prepared daily in store, and available for you on the go or to enjoy at leisure. With a menu designed by world class chef Stuart Betteridge, and verified by a registered dietitian, our foods taste good and are good for you.

As simple as it sounds, we are no more than the sum of what we eat. HealthFare exists to connect people with real food to improve quality of life. 


" Great food, service was excellent. A healthy fast choice!" - Jay V. Kamloops, TCC